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Commercial and Free Music Distribution

Some recommendations on music distribution and how to get (free) music.

First of all I'm stunned how music labels, artists create new ways of promoting their music on the net. The XX promote their new album coexist with a stream and an interesting map of sharing information, watch and listen. In the past, various artists, including Radiohead, offered their albums for a freely chosen price. The same strategy is used by bands on Bandcamp.

Bandcamp is one of my favourite places when I'm in the mood of discovering new sounds. In dependence of the paid price you are free to choose the MP3 or lossless FLAC versions (DRM-free) or e.g. a vinyl with a poster. Most of the time I hear music played digitially, but, maybe you feel me, waking up and playing a vinyl of your favourite artist to start the day is somehow more valuable.

Besides commercial music, I'm a fan of Creative Commons (CC) music. CC is founded by Lawrence Lessig, former board member of the Free Software Foundation, Software Freedom Law Center and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. If you're not familar with CC or Free Culture, dude, stop reading the post - watch his TED Talk and continue reading afterwards. Bandcamp serves commercial as well as CC music.

Another music platform, called Jamendo, distributes CC music only. I've been aware of Jamendo for a long time, but I never liked it like the music platform I recently discovered named Free Music Archive (FMA). One aspect of Jamendo, besides offering free CC music for consumers, is to sell CC music for commercial purposes. In my humble opinion this intention disturbs the more important aspect of offering a well cataloged CC music archive. Thumbs up for the Free Music Archive, which serves a well cataloged music archive by genre and quality and is definitely worth mentioning.

Whether commercial or free I like both kinds of music distribution. In the beginning of the post I mentioned the commercial album promo of XX, which should definitely be an inspiration of how to use the net effectivly - and well its blogosphere, like using me, don't you dare! ;) Nevertheless I hope this brief post made you curious about music promo alternatives and especially about CC music and the Free Culture movement, which I totally enjoy supporting.

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