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England, Scotland, Spain and Italy

Brief trip report of my short-time travel across Europe. I visited England, Scotland, Spain and Italy.

Even though I enjoyed the last year of working in the job as a data engineer at Plista, a company in the advertisement field (which is sadly pretty common for big data), I was quite dissatisified for a couple of reasons and quit the job in favor of new experiences. The winter in Berlin can be quite hard with a mix of painful cold wind and depressing darkness. For a longer time I was also unsatisfied with my flat, so I decided to skip the winter and travel a bit to clear my head. Plus, it is always better to think about long term decisions with a fresh mind.

Fast-paced England Trip

In November last year, I already started the trip with staying in Nottingham, England, for a week and the did a short-paced journey to Cardiff, Bristol and London. Even though, I am not a big fan of this fast-paced travel I enjoyed this fast-paced but rich experience of being the first time in England. I especially liked the city Bristol, which reminded me of Berlin. I was fascinated by the idea of Bristol pounds, a currency with a one to one conversion rate to pound but only local shops and companies in Bristol accept Bristol pound. Furthermore, the street art in Bristol is outstanding.


Later on, after quitting the job and the flat, I packed my 33 litre backpack for the months to come. I spent Christmas and New Years with the family, in Germany and Italy. To start my winter vacation I went to the warm Barcelona in Spain, also for the first time. Even though it was winter, the temperature was on average comforting 10 to 15 degrees celsius. So, even though it is too cold for swimming it is perfect for sight seeing or having a relaxing walk on the beach. I rent a bicycle on the first days and explored the long beach area full of sports areas for soccer and tennis, touristy restaurants, clubs, etc. Too bad I did not bring a skateboard.

Edinburgh and York

After Barcelona I went back to England and did a ten hour road trip with my girlfriend from Nottingham to Edinburgh in Scotland. Driving with the cheapest rental car I could find on the left lane (also on the highway), plus having the steeing wheel on the right and steering against strong wind was one of the most exciting experiences. Edinburgh is a beautiful medieval-looking city, check out Edinburgh Castle. We slept in a private room booked by AirBnb and had a great hostess.

I ate haggis ... and we drank outstanding beer plus some fine whiskey. Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer turned out to be my favourite beer. In a bar called Sandys Bell we listened to some live scottish folk music. If you like art, you should visit Scottish National Gallery, free of charge. After Edinburgh we went to York just for a day, another beautiful english city and flew to Italy.

Weeks in Italy

Back in Italy I lived for a couple of weeks in a house on the country side next to wine fields in Conegliano. Getting up in the morning in a cold house, with the first thing to do, heating it up by building a fire. And of course, also cutting wood, fairly often. I liked it. I have been in Italy for a couple of times now. And staying there for weeks does not imply living, but after each visit, of course, I got better in Italian as well as knowing the italian cuisine, which they are pretty proud of - for a reason. And I had the chance to visit the very interesting M.C. Escher exhibition in Treviso.

Back in Berlin

And here I am, three months later. Lying on the bed of the new one room appartment in Berlin. Getting a proper flat in Berlin is horrible. So I played the card of living in a time-constrainted appartment which is way easier to find. And what I got is great. And even though I have to move out after two months, it offers me the time to find a appartment to stay. I lived in Neukoelln, Kreuzberg and now I get a hunch of the Prenzlauer Berg flavor of Berlin. I am excited about the next months to come. Also to you, it is spring - time for a fresh start.

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