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First Time Hiking in the Dolomites

I was hiking in the dolomites for the first time. I give a short trip report including photos.

We, my girlfirend and I, went with a car to Sappade near Falcade. A very small village, among many villages near Belluno in the Dolomites. As we got there, the view was foggy and I could barely see the mountains. It was like the mountains melt with the clouds in low contrast to each other.

Later, it went darker, and I could see small villages, wooden houses with christmas decorations in all different colors. Getting there, we had the great oppurtunity to sleep in a house near the hiking routes at about one kilometer altitude. Tomorrow we would go. For me, it was the first hiking trip into the mountains.


Waking up, getting ready, we were surprised by snow. Though the view was not clear, it was a wonderful new experience to see this village alive in the middle of the mountains. It was the first time including the past year, that I experienced such a cold day. I was relieved. As we got ready for the freezing death, packed with cloths and hiking sticks, we started our little trip towards hiking route 964.

After passing some smaller mountains we shortly after faced a forest with a solid route. We were not freezing and it was not physically challenging. After an hour, we were still not freezing but it became physically challenging. Though my feet continued to wander my mind began to stand still.

Clear Sky in Dolomites

We had the feeling of being lost a little. Rarely some signs showed us the altitude and the directions towards the next near villages. Luckily, it did not snow, though, it would have been refreshing for our sweaty faces. The forest got lighter and we found small rivers crossing the winter landscape. For me, it was the first time drinking from a mountain river. I was suprised by the clean taste, which I prefer over all sorts of bottle water brands.

Still lost on the way, we became quite stressed not to return before sun set. The goal of arriving at the refugio, Flora Alpina, was near, so we just continued walking without thinking of the pain in our feet and knees. The clouds disappeared and we were able to catch a glimpse on the surrounding mountains. At the altitude of 1880 meters we finally saw the guest house.


I saw some kids snow tubing on a slope right in front of the guest house. The house was big and it had four or five levels. We ate some mediocre dishes for recreation before heading back home. Thanks to the suprising clear sky we could now see all these majestic mountains surrounding the area.

Only two hours left before sunset, so we started hiking and rarely stopped for stunning views on these giants tainted in golden shades. They look so beautiful and I realized why people want to climb on them no matter how dangerous they are. For the way back we took a shorter route to the village Valt.

Clear Sky Mountain

It was my first hiking trip in the mountains, but I really liked it and I hope that I will have opportunity to go on another trip in the mountains. Getting back to nature once in a while is a relieving experience. Hope you enjoyed the small trip report and the photos I took.

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