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My New Home in Berlin

I saw a fox the other day, running across the street. Long time no read, I moved to Berlin and started a job I like, but it was not that easy.

I saw a fox the other day, running across the street. Well, we both know it has been a while. And to be honest, lots of changes happened in my life recently. So that it is difficult to catch up with them. From the flexible travelling lifestyle with nothing more than a backpack and staying at my lovely girlfriend's place, I moved into a flat in Berlin and started a new job position I like. Well, it was not that easy.

Beforehand, I stayed at my brother's place in Berlin and searched for a flat. I took the offer to work at an agency. The job description was only roughly outlined, and I found myself in a job I could not do for long. The work was a waste of time. This job led into the wrong direction, so I decided to quit the job as soon as possible and looked for another position where I could improve my skills and grow.


Luckily, I found a job as a data engineer and I really appreciate this position. Finding a flat in Berlin, at least in the center, is tough. It took me almost two months to find one, but now I live in Neukoelln. Coming from the relatively small city Oldenburg, in the last three months I got myself familiar with the big city life, which of course includes good as well as bad aspects. Why did I move to Berlin?

When I traveled I realized that randomness in life is refreshing. Berlin has a very diverse population, is international and offers lots of cultural events. Every day there is something interesting going on, the city is always busy - lots of events and people rushing through the streets. Loud at day, and relatively quite at night. Without experience of living in other big cities, Berlin is special and it is a little adventure to explore it.

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