Hive Streaming

I am currently employed as a Scala backend-engineer at Hive Streaming peer-to-peer video distribution for live events and video on demand. This work involves writing Finagle microservices communicating over HTTP, WebSockets and the Mux Protocol. Furthermore, I work in data processing using Apache Spark, Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams. We are developing robust, reliable infrastructure with minimal and concise code.


I was full-time employed at Plista as a data-engineer in the field of article recommendations for online publishers. This work involved machine learning and text mining skills, as well as designing software architectures with Scala, Akka and Apache Spark. Besides, I was a product owner for Onsite Recommendations in the machine learning team and setting up the data infrastructure services such as RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka.

Open Source

I created Mocked Streams. Mocked Streams is a library for Scala which allows you to unit-test processing topologies of Kafka Streams applications without Zookeeper and Kafka Brokers. Further, you can use your favourite Scala testing framework e.g. ScalaTest and Specs2. Further, I created TwitterStream, an API example for Kafka Streams in Scala.


After graduation with a master’s degree in Computer Science at the Carl-von-Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, Germany in 2013, I worked as a researcher in the Computational Intelligence group. Besides data mining and machine learning in the field of wind energy analysis and prediction, I gained experience in algorithm design and empirical experiments.

Furthermore, I worked on WindML, an open source framework in Python for wind energy forecasting with machine learning approaches, and on MetaOpt, a library that optimizes black-box functions using a limited amount of time and utilizing multiple processors. To view a list of publications click here.


Since the early days when I was working with the computer I enjoyed developing the full stack for websites. Back in the day, I started with PHP and changed to Ruby in favor of Ruby on Rails as one of the first fast-prototyping MVC frameworks. I also used the Python equivalent Django to develop dynamic websites. To see the list of web sites I created click here.

One or two mails a month about the latest technology I'm hacking on.