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Retrospective on the 8bitdash Website

A brief retrospective on the 8bitdash website.

It is one year since I released the 8bitdash website, read the original article. It is a small side project of me, a start page including a clock and pixel art GIFs in the background. It was featured on the front page of reddit, and on the first day it had 134k unique visitors. Nowadays it has about 4k unique visitors per day. It was featured also on a couple of online magazines: ProductHunt, Japanese Lifehacker, Conectica and Mifdesign Antenna.

It took me quite some time to get the agreement of all these great artist to show their awesome work on the site. But it was worth it, and I believe many people appreciate it. Popular artists featured on 8bitdash are: Mark Ferrari, Kirokaze, Valenberg, Supernaught, HeartMachinez, Anton Kudin, Sandy Gorden and many more. The curation of artists and pieces is based on general popularity of the work and what people select in the theme selection.

Page Views and Theme Changes

For the brief retrospective I took the raw event data from the site. It includes entering events as well as theme changing events etc. Since this site is uncommerical and simply for the greater good, I aim for popularity. Hence, I am mainly interested in page views. Further, I would like to see if the users use the menu and change to a fixed theme. To change the theme the user needs to press h for menu and select the theme via pull down menu. In the plot above you can see the page view count and the theme changing events per day of the last full three months, October to December 2015.


As you can see, the page views are between 5k - 7k per day. Also, on about 5 percent of page views of the day users use the theme selection. The most selected themes in the last three months are in ranked order: kirokaze: 2779 events, hyperlightdrifter: 2445 events, necromorph: 2238 events, movies: 2210 events, valenberg: 2210 events. The original theme of Mark Ferraris landscapes, which was pretty popular on social media, is on rank 8 with 1983 events.

Future Trend of Page Views

When you look at the first top graph, you can see that the page views might decrease in the long run. I investigated this question in a seperate graph page views per hour and did a seasonal decomposition via R on days to eliminate day and night peaks, see the second graph. The still existing minima equal the weekends, hence the site is probably mostly used at work as a browser start page. Clearly, there is a decrease in page views per hour in the last three months, and without any (social) media presence it is very likely that it will further decrease.


Even though, there is slow decay of page views many people appreciate the site. For the future, I wish I could find and convince more talented pixel artists to show their work on the site. I hope you enjoyed the fine pixel art and this retrospective on the last year of 8bitdash.

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