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Two Weeks in a Hospital

In this article, I share my experience of a hospital stay.

After visiting a great concert at one of my favourite places I broke my left heel. I'm glad that the accident didn't go worse. Even though it really hurted at first I thought that I sprained my ankle. A night without sleep and a diagnosis in the morning. The doctor said that my heel broke in such a way that surgery is absolutely necessary. They need to permanently fixate different bones with screws and a titan panel. Without an operation the foot would heal in such a way, that I couldn't walk correct anymore. A nurse took me to a sick room, and to my suprise I met the brother of a friend lying on the bed next to mine. We were three patients in the room.

I had to wait several days until the operation. On the day of surgery they temporarly paralyzed me from my stomach downwards and gave me a sleep-inducing drug. The surgery took three hours. As far as I can remember I consciously experienced five minutes. After surgery I regularly took antibiotics and painkillers, I slept a lot. The time I was awake I've done physiotherapy and read books. My physiotherapist teached me how to walk on crutches and how to handle stairs. Easy tasks like taking a shower became very exhausting. In the evening I watched TV with my cool room mates. They were nice, but they snored the hell out of me, even though I wore oropax!

I was suprised how many people visited me. Thank you to you all. The shelf next to my bed barely exploded, because of the amount of fruits and sweets they gave to me. As life proceeded outside the sick room, after a while of relaxation I felt trapped inside a day in, day out cycle of eating, sleeping, washing and physiotherapy. The day the doctors finally discharged me I was happy, but also a bit sad, too. I met nice people and learned a lot. Even though I'm discharged, the doctors told me, that normal walking would require some months of training. As I mentioned in the beginning I'm glad that the accident didn't go worse. Furthermore I'm totally glad that technology, especially my implant, allows me to walk properly again. I hope you enjoyed reading the last blog post of this year. Have a very peaceful and stress-free Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please act with caution.

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